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BlueBam International Tracing and Investigations

BlueBam International Tracing Agency consist of very professional and highly trained staff to make tracing of any person as requested by our clients very swift and efficient. Bluebam Logo

Like any other tracing company BlueBam International Tracing Agency makes use of all available data systems, but what gives us the advantage in the industry is that we have years of experience and have a vast intelligence network built up. We have experience in the professional security and surveillance industry and other organizations.
For more information visit our Tracing & Investigations page

Bluebam Spytek surveillance & security

We supply Hi-tech surveillance and security equipment, Audio surveillance
Covert spy & Nanny cameras
Spy Cellphones & software as well as other spy equipment.

We also supply GPS trakers,
Bug Detectors & Signal Boosters,
Security and self defence items,
LED products: POP displays, LED Shirts, Caps etc.
For more info on the above please visit our Spytek page


Bluebam Legal Services

Our legal services entail managing of estates, we also handle divorce cases, collections and legal contracts. For more info on the above please visit our Legal services page