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Audio Surveillance:
We offer a superior range of audio surveillance equipment: listen in devices/ room sound monitors, sound amplifiers, audio transmitting devices as well as Wireless-Spy-Secret-Service-Earpiece devices.
Covert, Spy & Nanny Cameras:
Bluebam offers a large range of Spy Cameras/ Covert Video/ Nanny Cameras… These can be secretly installed within a household or office and can be used secretly to monitor and record any activity in that room where the units have been placed. Our Spy Camera/ Hidden Camera/ Nanny Camera range come in various shapes and sizes making it easy for you to select one that will easily blend into any environment you need to monitor.
Cell phone Spy Software & Spy Cell phones:
Cell phone surveillance is now a major tool for covert surveillance using the most powerful software applications for remotely monitoring a mobile phone’s complete activities from ANYWHERE in the world.
GPS Trackers:
We feature a number of trackers, including GPS Trackers, Kid’s GPS Watch Locators, Teen Trackers, Vehicle Trackers, Pet Trackers, Luggage trackers and a wide variety of other family safety devices.
Bug Detectors:
Bug detectors are a very important piece of equipment which will allow you to stay one step ahead of spying ears and prying eyes. Discover bugs, Video Camera signal; GPS and even Bomb signals, the sweeps can be done in your home, office, boardroom or even car.
Security & Self Defence:
Self defence products are a must for any female, teenager and the elderly. We have lipstick pepper sprays, Stun guns, stun batons, metal detectors, fingerprint door locks and much more.
Bug Sweeps & Private Investigations:
We provide expert Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), Bug Sweeps, Wiretap Detection, Computer Security, and Technical skills.  We also offer highly confidential, superior private investigation services ranging from matrimonial services, corporate services and other investigative services.

More Spy Stuff:
This includes cell phone & telephone voice changers, Book Vaults, Sprinkler Hide A Key, USB key loggers, Thief Detection Powders & UV Lamps, Lock pick sets, Semen/ Fidelity Home test kits, Snoop stick & other exciting spy stuff

LED Products:
Innovative point of sale display units. These include floating and / or rotating product POP displays which come in different shapes and sizes to effectively promote & market your product effectively. LED Caps, LED Ice Buckets, LED T-shirts and many more…

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